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COVID-19 Closure Initiatives at Petoskey Club

March 19, 2020

Clubhouse psychosocial rehabilitation programs such as Petoskey Club, a program of North Country Community Mental Health, are built on collegial relationships between staff and
members (mental health clients) who work together side-by-side to run the program and build members’ confidence and community living skills; often toward the goal of members attaining competitive employment in their local communities. Clubhouse programs provide a sense of stability, support and belonging for members.

When Clubhouse staff received the directive from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to close Clubhouses in Michigan through April 5 because of the COVID-19
pandemic, they reached out to members to strategize about how to stay connected during the closure.

Even though the Clubhouse doors are closed, Clubhouse staff is keeping members connected through a variety of means. They are utilizing social media, particularly via their Facebook page;
making group and individual phone calls to provide support; sending cards; publishing an outreach newsletter; and facilitating virtual group to make sure that no one feels lonely or
isolated during this challenging time.

Another important initiative is the provision of meal deliveries to the homes of clubhouse members as well as other Community Mental Health (CMH) clients who may be food insecure.
By using their licensed kitchen and agency vans, staff are preparing and delivering meals throughout their service area of Emmet, Cheboygan, Charlevoix Counties. In addition to having
a tasty meal delivered, CMH clients have expressed gratitude for the reassurance, knowing they are thought of and cared about.

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