North Country CMH Request for Proposals and Quotes

In the spirit of continuous improvement, NCCMH welcomes our community partners to competitively bid on contractual opportunities (RFP/Q) as they become available. We are seeking ethical providers of goods and services whose values align with our mission and whose businesses are compliant with relevant local, state, and federal requirements.

We encourage potential partners to review the posted opportunities and submit the requested information along with a proposal/quote before the stated deadline. If applicable, posted RFP/Q’s will include a bidder’s conference online or onsite to provide further information, prior to the close of the solicitation period. Once the bidding is closed, the submitted, sealed bids are opened by NCCMH’s internal review panel. Evaluation for the award is typically based on the quotation that best meets price, quality, expertise, past performance, flexibility, and reliability, based on the criteria stipulated in the bid documents. Although NCCMH seeks value, price is not the primary evaluation factor but it is considered. After the selection of a provider, a contract will be negotiated.

Open RFPs/RFQs

Click on the hyperlinked titles below to download the full RFQ/RFP.

Closed RFPs/RFQs

Categories for RFPs/RFQs Opportunities:

Behavioral Health Service Provision: Professional/Clinical and/or Home and Community Based services (AFC’s, CLS providers, Testing/Evaluation, etc.)

Service and Equipment Vendors: IT systems, consultants, equipment/products/supplies non-clinical services (fleet, waste management, website design, furniture, etc.)

Construction and Building Improvement: General contractors, heating and cooling, painting (parking lots, flooring, home and building repair, landscaping, etc.)