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Crisis Help Line: 877-470-4668
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Accessing Services

North Country Community Mental Health (NCCMH) works hard to provide the highest quality of mental health services and encourage you to let us know if you have questions or concerns at any time. The information provided below gives you a brief summary of what to expect when walking through our door or calling the Access Center and outlines your responsibilities as a client of NCCMH.

To start accessing services, please contact our Access Center at 877-470-7130.

Getting Started on Your Services

Step 1 - Intake Appointment

Call our Access Center at 877-470-7130 for an access screen to determine if you are eligible for an intake appointment.

Your intake appointment is where you and a staff member meet to collect information regarding yourself. This includes basic information such as address, phone number and income information. In addition, we will discuss your treatment history. This will give the intake worker an idea of what services will meet your needs.

This appointment normally will last approximately 1-2 hours in length. If we are not the best provider to meet your needs, we will connect you to other providers in your community.

Step 2 - Create a Plan of Service

After your intake appointment, you will be scheduled for a Plan of Service (if eligible). A Plan of Service is your guide to reaching your service goals. You will discuss your needs with the staff, and what you would like to see happen while participating in services. Together, you will develop goals in your Plan of Service that you will work towards completing. During this appointment, you will discuss with staff the expectations of services. You will also discuss how often you would like to attend appointments, and the length of your service. 

Step 3 - You're on Your Way!

After you have completed your plan of service, ou will be started on your service plan. The quality of services depends on your working relationship with the staff member(s) who are part of your treatment team. We encourage you to actively participate in your treatment. You are responsible for attending treatment sessions and we recommend that you cancel your appointments as soon as you know you cannot attend. If you begin to miss appointments regularly, recommendations may be made to close your case. You will be notified via phone and/or mail when this happens.

Eligibility for Services

Our services are primarily designed for people who:

  • Meet medical necessity requirements for services and support.
  • Have a Serious Mental Illness.
  • Have an Intellectual/Developmental Disability.
  • Have a Severe Emotional Disturbance.

Our primary insurance is Medicaid. If it turns out that we are not the best provider to meet your need, we will assist with referral to alternative services.

All residents are eligible for Crisis Services.
Are you or someone you know experiencing a mental health crisis?
Call our 24-Hour Crisis Help Line at 877-470-4668

NCCMH Client Portal

The Community Electronic Health Record (CEHR) is a way you can see your North Country CMH personal health information, ask questions and get answers from your NCCMH clinical staff, and see information about your appointments. It is private, secure and confidential.