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North Country Distributing Carter Kits to Help Kids with Autism in Emergencies

North Country Community Mental Health is one of five member Community Mental Health service programs which received its first order of Carter Kits at the Northern Michigan Regional Entity office in Gaylord on April 27, 2022.

Carter Severs showing the sensory toys in the Carter Kits.

Carter Kits were designed by Carter Severs who has autism. In the kits there are clinically proven items to help first responders and other organizations to help children stay calm in an emergency: sensory toys, weighted blankets, noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses, and a non-verbal communication card. Following the delivery, there was a “train the trainer” segment to prepare local instructors to train the personnel and agencies that receive a Carter Kit.

North Country and its partner CMH organizations will spearhead distribution across the region to reach community partners who also serve youth, including first responders, such as EMS, law enforcement, and schools.

The first delivery contained the first 400 of 2000 Carter Kits coming to Northern Michigan.

The first boxes are loaded up for sharing with North Country CMH CEO, Christine Gebhard!

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