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Each person’s response to uncertainty and disruption to their life is different and needs a personal response. Explore these Tools2Thrive and see what works for you. The entire #Tools2Thrive Toolkit can be viewed and downloaded from: www.mhanational.org/may

Your Tools2Thrive

MHA Creating Healthy Routines
MHA Eliminating Toxic Influences
MHA Finding the Positive After Loss
MHA Owning Your Feelings
MHA Supporting Others

View a virtual PhotoVoice exhibit

Stroll through a PhotoVoice exhibit to view poignant photographs and interpretive captions created from personal experiences. PhotoVoice is a series of group conversations about life experiences and ways of coping with mental health issues to bring greater awareness to the community.

Shining a light on children’s mental health

Youth with mental health challenges and their families shared messages of hope, advocacy, and experience through creative medium such as painting, dancing, cooking, writing, and photography to honor Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, May 3 – 8, 2020. 

Through #Creative Conversations, The Association for Children’s Mental Health sponsored a virtual event to shine a light on children’s mental health.   You can view their messages

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