24/7 Crisis Help Line: 877-470-4668

Access to Services: 877-470-7130

Customer Services : 877-470-3195

Services And Business

In support of its mission, North Country Community Mental Health is committed to:


  • Maintain high professional standards
  • Deliver services in a person-centered manner
  • Respect the rights of consumers, employees and other stakeholders
  • Offer user-friendly access to services
  • Consider the consumer, employee and the community partners in the pursuit of quality.

Accountability to the Community:

  • Keep services and business close to home
  • Make the best use of resources
  • Meet obligations on time
  • Promote knowledge and awareness and decrease the stigma surrounding disabilities


  • Use honesty and fairness
  • Treat consumers, employees and stakeholders with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Keep families together