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2020 US Census

This year more than ever the Census matters.  We all need to count and be counted.  It affects our representation in Congress and the distribution of Federal funding for things like highways, school lunches, Head Start, Medicaid, disaster planning, prevention of child abuse, housing assistance for older adults and block grants for community mental health services.  At least one of these affects each of us and those we know.

The Michigan self-response rate stands at 67.8% as of June 17th.   It looks like some of our counties are lagging behind which means funding will lag behind when we can least afford it.

Antrim:  42.6%
Charlevoix:  48.8%
Cheboygan: 48.4%
Emmet:  52.5%
Kalkaska:  46.1%
Otsego:  54.4%

Please do your part.  Fill out the Census and encourage others.

In-person, follow-up by a field worker will be from August 11 – October 31 for those who do not respond.

For more information visit https://2020census.gov.

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