Direct Service Provider Training

North Country Community Mental Health employees and persons or organizations providing services for North Country Community Mental Health are eligible to attend classes at no cost. Others may attend classes for a fee; however, reservations are prioritized for North Country employees and contract staff.

How to Register |Training Registration Form (PDF format) | Inclement Weather Protocol
Direct Service Providers Training Requirements | Training Schedule



How To Register For Training

To reserve a place at training, you must email, fax or mail the completed registration form. Telephone reservations will not be taken.

Required information on registration must include

-Organization Name
-Contract Name
-Site Name
-Site Address
-Contact Phone #
-Contact Email Address
-Employee name, date of hire, requested class name and requested date of training

When you have completed the required information on the registration form you can click on the email address button on the form or you can print off the registration form and fax it to the provided below. When your registration is received and processed, you will receive a confirmation notice in the e-mail you provided. You must bring confirmation of registration notice to attend training. North Country CMH reserves the right to make changes to the training schedule, location or to cancel class due to lack of enrollment. Changes to scheduled trainings will be posted on the website no later than 5:00PM the day prior to the date of training.

To Register:

FAX: 231-347-1241 Attn: Cynthia Crumbaugh
1420 Plaza Drive
Petoskey, MI 49770
Attn: Cynthia Crumbaugh

Maps and driving directions to the Gaylord NCCMH training site can be found here.

Inclement Weather Protocol For Scheduled Training

NCCMH classes will be cancelled when public schools for the training location arecancelled. If you have questions regarding cancellation of classes due toinclement weather, please contact:

Cynthia Crumbaugh, or (231) 439-1242
Linda Kleiber, Safety Specialist, or (231) 439-1230

Direct Service Provider Training Requirements

Training Contract Day Program
and Supported Employment
Contract Residential Programs
and Semi-Independent Providers
Introduction to Services/Working With People (within 90 days of hire)
CPR (within 30 days of hire)
Required +Update Every 2 Years
Required +Update Every 2 Years
First Aid (within 30 days of hire)
Required +Update Every 2 Years
Required +Update Every 2 Years
Recipient Rights/ Person Centered Planning (within 30 days of hire)
Required + Quarterly Brochure Updates, or Equivalent
Required + Quarterly Brochure Updates, or Equivalent
Environmental Emergencies (within 90 days of hire)
Required + Quarterly Brochure Updates, or Equivalent
Required + Quarterly Brochure Updates, or Equivalent
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) or Equivalent Program* (within 90 days of hire)
Required + Annual Update if Contract Site has Behavior Programs with CPI Techniques
Required + Annual Update if Contract Site has Behavior Programs with CPI Techniques
Basic Health /Medication* (within 90 days of hire)
Medication Administration/Vital Signs* (within 90 days of hire)
Required + Update Annually
Required + Update Annually
Nutrition and Food Services (within 90 days of hire)
Not Required
Feeding Techniques
Required if Working With Individuals With Swallowing/Eating problems
Required if Working With Individuals With Swallowing/Eating problems
Gentle Teaching "Working with People" (within 90 days of hire)

*Programs other than Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) must be pre-approved by NCCMH Behavior Treatment Committee. Contact

*Medication Administration/Vital Signs- Anyone hired after 02/01/2016 must attend, if they were hired prior to 02/01/2016 they will be required to have an annual update which can be completed by contacting your CMH nurse to schedule her to come to a staff meeting.

*Day Programs – there must be a minimum of 2 staff in the building at any given time that have passed the Basic Health/Medication training.


NCCMH face to face Recipient Rights training is suspended. Providers are still expected to meet the 30 day training window for new hires. Please choose the CMH training option that works best for your agency. We will update this page with links and alternatives as they become available. We will only accept New Hire Recipient Rights training from a Community Mental Health agency (not annual update training or non CMH curriculum). You are still responsible for reporting your new employee’s date of hire and date/method of training via email to Below are three options; #1 Live training with Network 180, #2 Central Michigan CMH online self study with quiz and #3 Oakland County CMH weekly live online training. Once the public health emergency is over, you may choose to send your employees to the NCCMH face to face RR class for in depth training, but this will not be required. If you have any questions regarding methods/acceptability of Recipient Rights training please contact Kim Rappleyea, Director of the ORR at 231-439-1268.


Network 180 Recipient Rights training can be accessed at:

You are NOT required to preregister your information will be collected during the online testing process, and a certificate will be issued manually by the presenter later. If you want to be able to download your certificate once you complete the training than please preregister by clicking and register under Network180.

Ed Wilson, RR Trainer, asks that you please note the following:

  • Direct care staff training starts every Friday promptly at 9:00 AM and ends at 12:30 PM.
  • This training is an online, interactive virtual training. Staff may not call-in via telephone and only listen to the training; an internet capable device is required for viewing.
  • Participants have the best experience when they use a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. A webcam is not necessary, but participants must have a mic and speakers. Connecting via smart phone works but is not recommended due to the small screen size.
  • Participants do not necessarily need to download and install the Microsoft Teams app since there is a web client that doesn’t require any software to be installed, but those that do use it have the best experience. There is also an app available for tablet and mobile devices. See for more information.
  • The training has embedded video. A reliable broadband connection to the internet is required.
  • Please have participants become familiar with their devices before they connect, and encourage them to connect early to work out any issues beforehand. Participants connecting later than 15 minutes after the start of training will not be allowed to participate and will be asked to join the next training.
  • Having groups of people connect from a location is completely fine, but all participants will need to individually complete the test
  • Participants may email me directly at before the training if they have difficulty with the presentation, but obviously once training starts replying to their email will be challenging
  • Participants will be asked to email me halfway through the training and individually complete an online test at the end. A link to the test will be sent to each participant during the training.

Click the link below to join the training

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
Join with a video conferencing device VTC Conference ID: 1139450925
Alternate VTC dialing instructions

Oakland County CMH, weekly live online training, limited to 250 people (requires registration):

How to Complete Adult CPR, First Aid, AED Training during Public Health Emergency
Click Here

How to Complete Vital Signs and Medication Administration Training during Public Health Emergency
Click Here


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