During COVID-19 Stay at Home, Stay Safe State of Michigan Executive Orders,  consideration has been given for the critical work of our front line direct care workers in the form of a temporary Premium Pay.  Contracted Providers were authorized to pay an additional $2 per hour gross Premium Pay to qualifying direct care workers from April 1, 2020 through and including February 28, 2021.  Effective March 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, Contracted Providers are now authorized to pay $2.25 per hour gross Premium Pay to qualifying direct care workers, including supported employment, and a $0.27 per payroll hour reimbursement to the employer for related payroll tax reimbursement. 

In follow up to directives provided, Contracted Providers are requested to review and comply with the specific instructions for administering the Premium Pay program, and requesting reimbursement from NCCMH, updated as follows:

Contract Provider Authorization Letter from Christine Gebhard, NCCMH Chief Executive Officer 

MDHHS L21-30 Letter with Updated Premium Pay Rate of $2.25 and Updated Qualifying Codes of Service

Premium Pay Invoice Instructions for Preparation and Submittal of Invoice

Premium Pay Invoice – Excel Calculating Version, 4/1/2021

Premium Pay Invoice – Manual Version 3/1/2021

Premium Pay Employee Sample Attestation Form 

For questions or concerns regarding provider reimbursement procedures, please contact Ann Friend, Reimbursement Supervisor, NCCMH, at 231/439-1233 or email